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Dr.Tushar Kamal Bose was an M.B.B.S,D.O.M.S./D.M.S and Ph.D.His versatility and dedicated service both had won him a place of honour in the medical profession and an eminent professor and a medical expert.Though an alopath he earned reputation as a “Homeopathic Opthalmologist

A man of profound knowledge he wrote a number of books to his credit,particularly those on Physiology which are all of immense medical value.He had a dynamic and an amicable personality,loved and revered by his collegues,patient,entire staff of Calcutta Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital and Students.

He will be long remembered for his rare human qualities and his invaluable contributions to the medical world.

Although he earned highest degree in allopathic medical science yet Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Sciences also attracted Dr.Bose


A change from a qualified eye surgeon to one who comes to practise homeopathic and ayurvedic treatments is not only unbearable but also arduous in nature and it was done by Dr.Bose.What made him anxious was the absence of treatment of many cases in the conventional method.

While teaching opthalmology as a subject in Calcutta Homeopathic Medical College the system of homeopathic treatment attracted him.The teacher became a student and he got diploma in medicine and Surgery(Homeopathy).Later he earned his Ph.D. on “the effect of different rates of diabetes in relation to eye disease”.Dr.Bose also served as an ex-principal-cum-superintendent and Professor and Head of the Department of Opthalmology and Physiology,Calcutta Homeopathic Medical College 265-266 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road,Kolkata-700009,a Nationalised Degree Medical College under Calcutta University.

The ayurvedic eye drop was prepared by Dr.Bose subsequently and then he went ahead with his lifelong mission,to find a solution to every problem of an eye.The system of treatment processed by Dr.Bose was a combination of Homeopathy and Biochemic medicines interespeesed with doses of an ayurvedic preparation.

The eye drop prepared out of Moringa (Sagina), Euphrasia (Hastichur), Aloe (Ghirtakumari), Thespesia (Pipal), Ocimum (Tulsi) and others applying rightly has wondorous effects in almost all eye diseases except in extreme cases of glaucoma(where pt. need to use allopathic eye drop with Homeopathic medicine to restore eye condition).

Earlier where patients found no hope for recovery,conventional treatment failed,even experts at Sankar Netralaya,Arvind eye hospital pleaded helplessly they met us at our Chamber CF-137 Saltlake City Kolkata-700064.Even today patients suffer from complications like Retinitis Pigmentosa,Coat’s disease, Optic Atrophy,Macular Degeneration,Haemorrhage etc,have been coming here as earlier to be treated by his eligible daughter Dr.Srabanti Bose and patients reported significant improvement for years.

Dr.T.K.Bose also doing research in the improvement of Progressive Myopia,Myopic patient come here(to be treated for reduction of their power and also restriction)from there years of age and above.


Dr. Srabanti Bose is renowned Homeopathy Eye Specialist, who is practicing at ” Dr. T. K. Bose Memorial Eye Clinic & Research Centre “. Her treatment cures chronic Eye Diseases not by Surgery but by Homeopathic, Biochemic Medicines.

In fact,the main intention of Dr.Bose in his medical career was that no one should go blind in his or her life and let him live long with the bliss of eye sight, invaluable blessings of almighty.This was his moto and it led him to the last day of his life.Now his beloved & eligible daughter follow the path of her father and takes care of all the patients at her chamber.

“Some valuable information for your valuable eye”

Special features of our treatment.

  1. To cure not by Surgery but by Homeopathic, Biochemic and Ayurvedic medicine the most difficult eye cases which have not been cure by Allopathy
  2. To cure genetically originated eye diseases by Homeopathic medicine.
  3. To establish a prolonged period of life in cancerous eye cases by Homeopathic medicine.
  4. To cure and establish a same position of Cataract, Myopia, Glaucoma, Retinal & Vitreous Hemorrhage etc. by this type of combination treatment.
  5. To change the opacity of the Cornea into transparency by Homeopathic drugs and corneal grafting is not needed.
  6. Restriction & improvement, and even decrease in the power of progressive Myopia starting from patients as young as 3 years of age.


1.Role of Homeopathic drugs in the prevention of Immature cataract.

a)Abstract presented in the 66th Science Congress,Hyderabad,January,1979.

b)Abstract published in The Hahnemannian Gleanings,Vol.XLVI,No.2,Feb.1979.

c)Abstract published in the journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy,Vol.73,No.2,June 1980.

2.Role of Homeopathic drugs in the improvement of simple and progressive Myopia.

a)Abstract presented Science Congress,Jadavpur University,Kolkata Feb 1980.

b)Abstract published in “Hahnemannian Gleamings Vol.XLVII No.6,June 1980.

c)A clinical study of Homeopathic drug in the improvement of Progressive Myopia published in “Hahnemannian Gleanings,Vol.XLVII,No.4,April 1981.

3.Role of Homeopathic drug in the improvement of Simple Glaucoma.

a)Abstract presented in the 68th Session of Science Congress,Varanasi,January,1981.

b)Paper published in Bengal opthalmological Journal Vol.VII,December,1981.


A Clinical Study of some Indigenous Medicinal Plant in the treatment of Immature cataract & Prevention of Blindness.

a)Abstract presented in XVth Annual State Opthalmological Conference,Howrah,October,1981.

b)Abstract presented in the 69th Session of the Indian Science Congress in January 1982.

It is true that Dr.Bose earned a great fame in his medical career.But it is not forgettable that some inspiration worked behind the curtain to push him up and up.This was the co-operation of hie dear wife.She performed all her husband’s effort.Even today she never lags behind to co-operate her beloved daughter Dr.Srabanti Bose.

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Lids: Blepharitis, Stye, Chalazian, Ptosis, Blepharospasm, Symblepharon.

Muscles: Int. Rectus, Ext. Rectus.

Squint: Convergent, Divergent, Nystagmus, Diplopia.

Lacrymal Apparatus: Dacryocystitis, Lacrimal fistula.

Conjunctiva: Conjunctivitis, Ophthalmia Neonatorum, Trachoma, Pterygium, Xerosis.


Myopia , Hypermetropia
Presbyopia , Astigmatism

Cornea : Corneal Ulcer, Hypopyon Ulcer,
Corneal Opacity, Anterior Chamber Hge,
Sclera, Scleritis, Episcleritis.

Pupil: Contracted Pupil, Dilated Pupil
Iris: Iritis, Rheumatic Iritis
Ciliary Body: Cyclitis, Irido – Cyclitis
Choroid : Choroiditis, Choroidal Hge,
Chorio – Retinitis, Endophthalmitis,Panophthalmitis

Lens : Cataract,Diabetic Cataract,Tubercular Cataract

Retina: Retinitis Pigmentosa,
Lawrence – Moon – Biedl Syndrome,
Detachment of Retina, Retinal Hge,
Macular Degeneration, Retinoblastoma
Morning Glory Syndrome,
Central Venous Thrombosis,
Central Artery Occlusion
Optic Nerve : Optic atrophy, Optic Neuritis,Retro – bulbar Neuritis

General Glaucoma,
Increased I.O.T,
Decreased I.O.T,

Vitrous Opacity,
Vitrous Hge,
Coat’s Disease

Day Blindness,
Night Blindness,
Colour Blindness,
Toxic Amblyopia


I am Sovan Chatterjee, aged 52 Yrs, residing at Chatterjee Para, Mango, Batanagar, 24 Pgs(S). I have been suffering from some critical and incurable eye-problems like Macular Degeneration with haemorrhage in Right Eye and Vitrious Degeneration in both eyes since 1994. Since 1994 I was under treatment of Dr Tushar Kamal Basu upto 2001 for above problems. Dr T.K.Bose passed away in the year 2002 and since then I was under treatment of Dr Srabanti Basu and I am still maintaining this treatment and will maintain in future also as I am getting satisfactory results throughout the course of my treatment.

Sovan Chatterjee

Good morning Madam. Thanx a lot as my son Idhaant Pakrashi's retinal hole has disappeared and his number has remained stable because of your medicine that he took for last six months. Attached are four reports. Two out of which are of earlier dates and two are of Dec 2016. You can see the development yourself. I was really tensed when he was told to undergo laser to mend the holes and his numbers were increasing very fast.He still have minor sings of lattice which I believe will disappear in few months with your medicine. Subsequent to his latest medical report he his now allowed to play, do exercises, carry his school bag which was earlier restricted to only 4 kgs. Thanx a lot doctor and God bless you to extend similar help to many more such needy ones.

Debjit Pakrashi

I am in touch with Dr Srabanti Bose & her late father, Dr T K Bose from 1997 onwards. For last so many years Dr. Srabanti Bose has relentlessly treated my highly progressive myopic eyes with utmost care. She has helped me a to lead a normal life & in continuously working with computers without any eye problem. Her medicine & eye drop has helped my eyes to in healthy state. May God bless her for all the good work she is relentlessly doing for her patients. Best wishes to Dr. Bose.

Abhijit Ghosh