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Dr. T.K. Bose’s Eye Drop

The eye drop prepared out of Moringa (Sagina), Euphrasia ( Hastichur), Aloe (Ghritakmari), Thespesia (Pipal), Ocimum (Tulsi) and Others in the right quantities has a wondrous effects in almost all eye disease except in extreme cases of Glaucoma (where pt. [...]

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Difficult, Rare Eye Disease

Homeopathy is nano-pharmacology which uses small doses to treat any kind of illness including several eye diseases. Dr. T.K Bose Memorial Eye Clinic and Research Center uses the same in treating difficult and rare eye diseases and along with also [...]

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For the past few years, Dr. T. K Bose Memorial Eye Clinic & Research Center have tried an integrated approach to the treatment of Ophthalmic cases with very new way.The system of treatment processed by Dr T. k. Bose was [...]

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